While Gazing at Stars

Autor: McCoy, Valerie L.
Idioma: ENG

ISBN: 9780595346523
Plazo de entrega: 4 Días

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Lonely Lacey Garrett leads a quiet life in Virginia as the office manager of a mining company. New foreman Sam Butler takes her on a whirlwind courtship that leads to marriage. But all is not as it seems, and Lacey discovers shocking secrets hidden in their attic. Just when she begins to question Sam´s true identity, Lacey´s secure world quickly unravels. In disgrace, Lacey escapes her humdrum existence in search of a new life. On her journey of self-discovery, Lacey, an avid movie buff, searches for the home of favorite actor, Chant Winslow, an easy-going, motorcycle-riding, Tennessee farm owner who lives far from the glitz of Hollywood. A freak accident intertwines Lacey and Chant´s lives, and she eventually becomes his personal assistant. Lacey falls in love with Chant, despite his involvement with gorgeous supermodel, Jillian Hathaway, who is determined to hold onto her man. Soon, common enemies form an unholy alliance in their plot to destroy Lacey. A misunderstanding forces would-be lovers apart, but a reunion in New Orleans finally consummates their relationship, only to find danger lurking in the shadows. In the thrilling climax, Lacey must decide whether she will realize her ´deepest´ wishes of living out her true passions or if her past will ruin her heart´s desire.