The House of Abba

Autor: Musoko, Leslie
Idioma: ENG

ISBN: 9781909593732
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Hailey is the aspiring journalist from New York that travels to the French Riviera to write about the rich and glamorous Sarai. Sarai is married to the prophet Cephas whose life is filled with mystery and intrigue. Cephas has been blessed with gifts of visions and dreams that are beyond comprehension and explain a future that has yet to happen. From the Saronic Gulf to the Ligurian Sea these three lives are interwoven introspectively in a spiritual odyssey of faith and self discovery as each of them comes to terms with why events in their past links them so closely to the present... ******** Leslie Musoko is the author of the Divinity Dawns trilogy and an award winning Ezine author expert of over three hundred articles published worldwide on spirituality, self-help and relationships. He has lived and worked in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.